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       Jiangsu Youzhi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is established by Taiwan Youzhi and Jiangsu Jujie group with a total investment of 200 million yuan. It is a company specializing in precision linear slide rail. It was settled in Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of Liu Bang in December 2018.

    Jiangsu Youzhi is located in the high-tech industrial park of Fengxian Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Ji Xu Expressway in the East. It is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Henan provinces, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Good geographical location has laid the foundation for the company to serve and meet customers conveniently and quickly.

    Our company has introduced a large number of SKF / Abba technical teams to cooperate closely with Shanghai Zhihui R & D center and smart Automation Research Institute of domestic famous universities such as Southeast University and Tianjin University. Building blocks for "intelligent manufacturing 2025", it has received strong support from governments at all levels and made great achievements in the industry.

    Through the joint efforts of our team, we optimized the process flow, improved the stability of products, applied for five invention patents and more than 10 utility models. Realize the advantages of high rigidity, heavy load resistance, low friction resistance, smooth operation and high interchangeability. The products have been highly praised in the market!   

    All along, Jiangsu Youzhi adheres to excellent production equipment, rigorous manufacturing control ability and the top quality management means to produce high-quality products and win the trust of customers. With the concept of "excellent quality, ingenious manufacturing, professional reliability and accurate service", our company provides customers with better service and better user experience.

Linear slide
The design of four rows of balls the steel balls form a 4-point 45 degree angular contact between the slider and the slide rail, which can balance and offset the force from the slider in all directions. Regardless of the angle of the slide rail, the load capacity in all directions is equal, which is widely suitable for all types of machines. Compared with the Gothic two row ditch design, the four rows of balls have the advantages of high rigidity, precision and service life, In particular, the X-type four row bead design has the ability of automatic centering. Even if there is a large deviation on the desktop of the assembly track or an error occurs when the device is installed, it can be eliminated by the system itself, so it can obtain light and accurate linear motion.

No false rail drop beads
The whole series adopts one-piece cage design to effectively reduce the service, maintenance and replacement time.

Oil storage design of oil wool

The oil wool design can greatly increase the lubricity, fully grease, reduce running wear, increase oil storage effect, and effectively and continuously lubricate.

Dustproof and dustproof strip design

The complete end face and  bottom seal can effectively isolate external pollution and make the ball run clean and smooth; The built-in oil seal prevents the leakage of lubricating grease, so that the ball operates in full lubrication and ensures its service life.
In mold integrated injection
Greatly reduce the collision sound between the sliding block and the steel ball at high speed. The oiling effect is good. The use of high molecular polymers can improve the overall oiling effect of oil products. Long service life; The friction between the steel ball and the pipe wall is small, and the ball circuit is wrapped and formed to reduce the segment difference and improve the smoothness.
High rigidity locking

The end cover and the body are locked together to greatly improve the overall bonding strength and provide customers with more diversified applications.
Four row bead high rigidity equal load design

The design of four rows of balls, the steel balls form a 4-point 45 an
gle contact between the sliding block and the sliding rail, which can balance and offset the force from the sliding block in all directions. No matter whether the sliding rail is at any angle, the load capacity in all directions is equal, which is widely suitable for all types of machines.
Detailed description
Testing Equipment
German qpt-ts-udr roughness profiler
Secondary element (automatic image measuring instrument))
Japan Sanfeng three coordinates
Testing Equipment
Inverted metallographic microscope
an altimeter
Digital display automatic turret microhardness tester
Basic allowable static moment (MX, my, MZ)

When a linear slide rail system is subjected to an excessive load or impact to produce torque, the maximum force will occur on the steel balls at the most two ends of the slider, permanent deformation will occur in the rail seat groove and steel balls, and the linear slide rail cannot run smoothly. The rated allowable static torque Mo is the static torque that makes the deformation of track groove and steel ball reach one ten thousandth of the diameter of steel ball under the action of static torque.
In the linear slide rail system, we define the basic rated allowable static torque MX, my and MZ as the rated allowable static torque: Mo in the X, y and Z directions respectively. As shown in the figure below.
Rated life (km)

It refers to the total running distance that can be achieved without surface peeling when a batch of the same linear motion systems move one by one under the same conditions.

The rated life (L) calculated by the above formula, when the stroke length and reciprocating times are certain, the life expressed by time can be calculated by the following formula:
P: Calculated load FT: temperature coefficient FW: load factor
C: basic rated dynamic load Fh: hardness coefficient FC: Contact coefficient
Ln = life time (HR) N1 = number of round trips per minute
Ls = stroke length (mm)
Example: yzh20an Basic dynamic rated load C = 1390 KGF The hardness is assumed to be hrc58 degrees. fh = 1。 The temperature is assumed to be normal temperature. ft =1。 It is assumed that the contact mode is normal contact. fc = 1。 The speed is assumed to be 15 < V < 60 m / s. fw = 1.5。 Pm = 86.68 kgf
Formula: L: rated life (km)
C: basic rated dynamic load (KGF) P: calculated load (KGF): calculated average load FC: Contact coefficient: please refer to 1-3 G Fh: hardness coefficient: please refer to 1-3 a FT: temperature coefficient: please refer to 1-3 I FW: load factor: please refer to 1-3j

According to the above example: yzh25an Basic dynamic rated load C = 2210 KGF The hardness is assumed to be HRC55 degrees. fh =0.7。 The temperature is assumed to be normal temperature. ft =1。 It is assumed that the contact mode is 2 sliding seats only. fc =0.81。 The velocity is assumed to be v = 60 m / s. fw = 2。 Pm = 150 kgf
Ln:壽命時間。(h) L:額定壽命(km) Ls:行程長度。(mm) N1:每分鐘往返次數。(min-1)
Ly:壽命時間。(year) L:額定壽命(km) Ls:行程長度。(mm) N1:每分鐘往返次數。(min-1) M:每小時運作分鐘數。(min/hr) H:每日運作小時數。(hr/day) D:每年運作工作日數。(day/year)
范例1:有一工作母機使用線性滑軌,計算之額定壽命為45000km,求使用壽命(hr) 已知: Ls:行程長度 = 3000mm。(mm) N1:每分鐘往返次數4次。(min-1)
范例2:有一工作母機使用線性滑軌,計算之額定壽命為69349km,求使用壽命(year) 已知: Ls:行程長度:為4000mm。(mm) N1:每分鐘往返次數為5次。(min-1) M:每小時運作60分鐘。(min/hr) H:每日運作24小時。(hr/day) D:每年運作工作日數360日。(day/year)
       1.確定使用條件。 或者2.型式尺寸確認。


B.安裝姿勢(水平、豎、傾斜、壁掛、吊下)。                是否需要修正現有的結構?


2.型式尺寸確認。   當確認使用條件無法更動時,則可以選用在尺寸范圍內中,基本動額定負載與基本靜額定 負載與容許靜力矩,符合機構需要之型號尺寸。
Flow chart of selecting linear slide rail
Nozzle type
Several common modes of installing linear slide rails
Installation posture
1.Horizontal installation                                                                                                                                 2.Vertical installation
3.Inclined installation                                                                                                                                 4.Wall mounting
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